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Line Striping

KM Striping can bring your parking lot back to life. Line Striping is a key part of Parking Lot Maintenance that can have an instant effect on your business. First impressions sometimes can be your only impression. Have you looked at your parking lot lately? Does it look grey and worn out or is it bright and vivid? The parking lot is the face of your company, business, office building or shopping center. It is the first thing your customers see as they pull onto the property and the first thing, they put their foot on when they get out of their car. First impressions are important, send the right message.

KM Striping can handle all your Pavement Markings needs. From parking stalls, handicap-accessible parking spaces, directional arrows, curbs, and cross hatched areas to optimize customer flow in and out of the parking lot. Pavement markings also reduces owner liability by ensuring your compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).